Exhibition Route

The first Italian museum dedicated to Enrico Caruso


F. Cifariello, bust of Enrico Caruso, plaster

A. Galli, portrait of Ada Giachetti at Villa Bellosguardo in 1907, oil on canvas

Artists Gallery

Low Pol Plançon, Mephistopheles in Gounod’s Faust

The mezzo-soprano Jane Bathori in Hänsel and Gretel, photo with dedication to Enrico Caruso;
The soprano Hariclée D’Arclée; The tenor Giovanni Zenatello, photo with a dedication to Enrico Caruso

The contralto Virginia Guerrini, photo with a dedication to Enrico Caruso;
The baritone Enrico Pignataro, photo with a dedication to Enrico Caruso;
The soprano Salomea Kruscelniska, photo with a dedication to Enrico Caruso;

Family Room

Postcard from Buenos Aires to Ada Giachetti dated 21/5/900 – 6.00 pm

Enrico Caruso con i figli Rodolfo e  Enrico Jr. nel Parco di Villa Bellosguardo, 1910

Ada Giachetti

Enrico Caruso with Dorothy Benjamin and daughter Gloria

Caruso's room

La camera di Caruso

Image of the Madonna of Pompei embossed in silver

Miniatures by Ada Giachetti and Enrico Caruso, 1905-1906

Pair of cufflinks with Caruso caricature

International Theater Hall

International Theater Hall

Profile man with beard, Buenos Aires 1903;
Self-portrait as Osaka in Mascagni’s Iris at the Buenos Aires Opera House in 1903

Acquerello, rock and lighthouse on the island of Cape Verde, executed by Caruso on a postcard from the early 1900s;
Caruso as Duke of Mantua in Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto, ink embossing made in London in 1904

Hall of Figurative Arts

Mare, executed by Caruso on a postcard from the early 1900s

Self-loading of E. Caruso while smoking the pipe from which it comes out in the face of Edoardo Missiano

Watercolor portrait of Ada Giachetti

Cover of the book Caruso’s Caricatures

Hall of Memory

Caruso as Dick Johnson, 1912, bronze sculpture by Paul Troubetzkoy and Caruso as a concert artist in caricature, bronze sculpture with a dedication by the author Wohke De Scharfenberg

Silver medal depicting the young Caruso, 1902

Self-loading in the form of Buddha

Self-portrait, ivory bas-relief

Hall of Discography

View of the discography room

Enrico Caruso sitting in the orchestra

Photo of Caruso interpreter of Canio in the Pagliacci of Leoncavallo

Victor Red Seal Records catalog

Music Hall

Sala della Musica: interaction project and realization of interactive multimedia systems by the Casa Paganini Research Center - InfoMus, University of Genoa.

View of the music hall

Photo by Arturo Toscanini

Gramophone “The Typewriter & Company Ltd” 1903

Kimono worn by Enrico Caruso in the opera Iris by Mascagni on the occasion of the performance at the Metropolitain Opera House in New York in 1907;
Metropolitan Opera House Program, 1919-20 with Caruso’s self-portrait as Éléazar