Farm Museum

The farm museum: the “Lazzeri Collection” and the ancient objects of the Bellosguardo farm.

The farm houses a museum dedicated to the rural civilization and the world that gravitated, especially in the past century, around environments with these types. The most precious part of this is placed in the two rooms once used as cellars and contains the objects of the “Lazzeri Collection”, previously housed in Florence at the headquarters of the Consortium of Chianti.

Those who enter the first room immediately see machinery, still working, used for bottling wine and pressing olives, which give the idea of ​​being still in operation. In the large cellar, on the other hand, an incredible quantity of objects has been neatly arranged in notice boards that collect, in addition to various instruments, elements able to offer precise cognitive paths on activities and ways of life now almost disappeared. Interesting are the collections of old sprayers and objects related to wine production activities.

Objects of daily life such as priests, trabiccoli, veggioli report, in the memory of the visitors, images of a not too distant past, lived also by more recent generations. Only a small part of the “Lazzeri Collection” is on display today: most of the objects, including a precious collection of typewriters, are stored in the old tinaie and are used for thematic rotating exhibitions.

Other materials of a certain interest, which belonged to the farm of the Villa at the time of purchase by the Municipality, such as the old tractor or the scaffolding to prune the plants, are arranged inside the park and constitute, together with the limonaia and the greenhouses, a further cognitive journey.

The Farm Museum can be visited on request.